Cauley-Stein’s significance on display in South Carolina performance

Willie Cauley-Stein - photo by Walter Cornett |
Willie Cauley-Stein – photo by Walter Cornett |

didn’t play a minute of the second half or overtime of Kentucky’s hard-fought win at A&M. In Cauley-Stein’s first game back after missing four games, decided the freshman 7-footer wasn’t quite ready to function in a close game after playing four first-half minutes.

In Cauley-Stein’s second game, it was the Wildcats who couldn’t function without Cauley-Stein.

“Willie Cauley was unbelievable,” Calipari said. “And you say, ‘What did he do?’ He just added energy.”

When Cauley-Stein checked in for the first time, held a narrow 15-12 lead over South Carolina. Within a couple minutes, the Gamecocks took their first (and only) lead at 18-17. It was then that Cauley-Stein’s impact became clear.

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