Inside the Play: In depth look at the last defensive possession against Vanderbilt

Willie Cauley-Stein - photo by James Crisp | AP
Willie Cauley-Stein – photo by James Crisp | AP

Kentucky’s defense without has gone from a fringe elite unit to a mediocre one at best. Granted, two games is a small sample size, but the issues are clear. got beat on the perimeter, no longer had someone under the basket to deter slashers or erase mistakes, and were outrebounded by and Vanderbilt.

But on the last full possession, when needed a stop to all but seal the win, the Wildcats got it with great defense. Every player executed his assignment, and exhibited better communication and rotation. They also showed why this defense still has the length, athleticism and versatility to be a good defense if they can ramp up their execution and focus.

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