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Getting championship rings ‘just like winning’ again for ’96 greats

Derek Anderson - photo by Tammie Brown |

– photo by Tammie Brown |

Members of 's 1995-96 national championship team never waste an opportunity to get back together. When they do, there's a familiar script.  They first catch up on each other's lives and families, but it's not long before they start reminiscing. There are too many memorable moments to count, but there seem to be two they always bring up.

The first is familiar to any history-minded fan: that remarkable first half against LSU when the Wildcats scored a school-record 86 points en route to a 129-97 victory. Their coach might not even know about the second.

With time to kill in the days and nights before their two games in the Final Four, the Cats staged rather intense wrestling matches in their hotel rooms. Considering the size and athleticism of the group, it doesn't take much of a stretch to imagine a scenario in which one , or another star could have suffered an injury that would have put the season in jeopardy.

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