Future Cat Dakari Johnson found haven in Lexington

Dakari Johnson - photo by Bryan Horowitz | SportsAngle.com
Dakari Johnson – photo by Bryan Horowitz | SportsAngle.com

Montverde Academy’s sprawling campus near the western bank of Lake Apopka has a distinctly Floridian feel. Spanish-style terracotta roofing adorns most buildings, and small palm trees sway outside the administration office.

On this warm February day, as the Northeast digs out from a blizzard, the air here is thick and humid, and it smells like rain is near. But inside the school’s main gym, there is an unmistakable slice of New York.

Dakari Johnson, a 6-foot-10, 265-pound center from Brooklyn, is lacing up his sneakers and pulling a brace over his left knee before basketball practice. The University of recruit is big and powerful, and his wide, gentle smile conceals both his tenacity and his struggle.

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