Patrick Patterson’s upbeat personality already a welcome addition to the Kings’ locker room

Patrick Patterson

 describes himself as a movie fanatic who – gasp – enjoys doing homework. He earned a college degree in three years, for instance, by cramming extra courses and summer semesters into his basketball schedule. His interests are global and eclectic, and include reading a good book, playing games, dissecting 1980s game tapes and evaluating films nominated for Academy Awards.

The son of retired Navy veterans, he is a combination of new age and old school. Hakeem Olajuwon is his favorite player. Quentin Tarantino is his favorite filmmaker. Though pleased that Tarantino won best original screenplay for “Django Unchained,” Patterson was disappointed the film failed to win for best picture.

“Django,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and then “Argo,” the backup power forward said after his Kings home debut Sunday at Sleep Train Arena. “That was my list, in order.”

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