DeMarcus Cousins is having an incredibly weird season

DeMarcus Cousins

Lost in the arena bustle is the fact that is having a totally bizarre season. Wednesday night’s game was another example: he played only 20 minutes due to ineffectiveness, shot 2-10 for five points, picked up four rebounds and — now it gets weird — four steals, three assists and a block. On Tuesday against the Nuggets, he was just as bad on offense: 1-12 for eight points, or eight points on 17 shooting possessions. But like on Wednesday, he contributed something positive: five blocks and 13 rebounds in 27 minutes.

So in the back-to-back Cousins had 13 points … and 10 combined blocks and steals. Even at his worst — which is really quite bad, I mean come on, 13 points on 27 shooting possessions over two games! — he’s contributing something. Ten blocks and steals over two games is huge.

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