Anthony Davis has stepped up his play considerably recently

Anthony Davis

On the day this week-long, three-game road trip began for the New Orleans Hornets, the young man on whose shoulders the rebuilding of the franchise will rest emerged from his teen-age years onto the threshold of adulthood.  Rookie power forward  celebrated his 20th birthday Monday, then continued his week-long celebration Tuesday night with a third consecutive double-double performance, albeit in defeat, against the Brooklyn Nets.

And the way in which Davis comported himself after the 108-98 loss in Barclays Center said as much about his emotional maturity as his continued physical growth into the kind of player who one day might dominate the NBA’s front-court landscape.

The Nets had their way on the offensive glass Tuesday night, pulling down 19 offensive rebounds.

And Davis, never one to shy away from accepting responsibility for what takes place on the floor, was fully accepting the blame for most of Brooklyn’s 20 second-chance points.

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