Kentucky Wildcats should decline invite to the NIT says Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports

Harrow and Poythress - photo by James Crisp | AP
Harrow and Poythress – photo by James Crisp | AP

From of  “Honestly, no one wants to watch this  team anymore. It’s painful for BBN and Calipari. Let’s end the agony, and send these guys to the irrelevant tourney, the NIT. If I were Calipari, I’d decline the invite and end this season with some semblence of dignity rather than, say, losing to in the NIT.

This year’s edition of young ‘Cats has been a disappointment — and will have to sweat it out on Sunday.

“The good news is everyone seems to be losing and I just hope we’re the best of the bad,” Calipari said after being knocked out of the tourney.

That’s just what we want to see in the tourney. The best of the bad. No, thanks.

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