How would you grade John Calipari’s coaching of Kentucky basketball this season?

John Calipari - photo by Tammie Brown |
John Calipari – photo by Tammie Brown |

From Adam Himmelsbach of the Courier-Journal:  “I was a serial procrastinator in high school, often veering toward a poor grade or two. And poor grades would have led to punishments that led to nights watching TGIF sitcoms on ABC with my parents rather than hanging with friends.

But then one frantic week of cramming or churning out a paper would provide redemption, allowing me to spend weekends with people other than Steve Urkel.

I bring this up to illustrate why it can be premature or even unfair to offer an evaluation before a body of work is complete. But let’s give it a shot anyway, because this might be the most intriguing effort of coach ’s career. It has been at once impressive and disappointing and puzzling and tantalizing.

Skeptics and sourpusses have a logical argument. They could say how Calipari took a team with another stable of future players and a No. 3 preseason national ranking and then led it off the road and into a mailbox. How he can win only if he has numerous surefire lottery picks rather than probable ones.”

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