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Several Kentucky Wildcats say they aren’t ready for the NBA

Many Kentucky Wildcats expected to be do one-and-done say they aren’t ready for the NBA

Alex Poythress - photo by Tammie Brown |

– photo by Tammie Brown |

From Kyle Tucker of the :  “Well that was shocking. Sort of. The Wildcats' season finally came to a thudding conclusion with a 59-57 upset loss at in tonight's first round. So … let's talk about next year. , who scored 18 points and did everything he could to lead back late, dropped some pretty big news in the postgame press conference. He said he's coming back to Lexington next season. One-and-done? Maybe not too many for these Cats. Fellow freshmen and Alex Poythress both agreed that they aren't ready for the and sophomore , who many thought might transfer, said he's coming back. That all can change in the coming months, of course, but here's what those guys had to say after the game:

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