Video: Jimmy Dykes gets it, says Kentucky is not for you and you need to go somewhere else

You either love or you hate him but his basketball knowledge is beyond reproach.  We don’t always agree with what he says and many times it’s the way he delivers it that simply annoys the hell out of people.  We won’t get into that now.  What we will discuss is a statement that he made at the 12:00 minute mark of the first half when he said:  “If you play at and you’re afraid of an atmosphere like tonight, you need to go somewhere else. It’s not for you”  Calipari has made similar statements in the past year but Dykes hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one and stated what many Kentucky have been feeling themselves this season.  Before we question, Jimmy’s comments, please be reminded that he actually was an assistant coach at from 87-89.  He knows a little bit about what it takes to wear that name across your chest.

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