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Alex Poythress: Bitterness will drive Kentucky Wildcats

Alex Poythress - photo by Tammie Brown |

– photo by Tammie Brown |

Perhaps it was the end to a belabored basketball season that triggered a release valve, but soft-spoken, painfully shy freshman Alex Poythress opened his feelings to the world about life as a basketball player immediately after the Cats' 59-57 loss at in the .

Poythress, it's no secret, has been a poster child of sorts for a 21-12 season during which coach  simply could not get his young team to buy into his teachings.

“People didn't change, myself included,” Poythress said. “Coach told us what he wanted and we either did it or we didn't. That's on us. He laid it out as perfectly as you can. They can only do so much for us. They probably did more than what they should've for us. It comes back on us as players to execute what he wants us to do.”

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