Decisions that turn a player’s pain into shoe-company profit will kill college sports

On Friday, decided to pull a controversial T-shirt that used the story of guard Kevin Ware’s shattered leg to promote its latest marketing slogan – a particularly loathsome move even for the shoe industry and college sports.

The shirt featured adidas’ new mantra, “Rise To the Occasion.” Only the “s” in “Rise” is shaped like a No. 5, the same number worn by Ware, who broke his leg in last Sunday’s Midwest Region final. The number is also on the back of the shirt. You could buy one for $24.99.

acknowledged the “5” stood for Ware, which put the in violation of its own bizarre rules and opened itself up to potential legal action. So it’s likely that legal liability – not found conscience – is what stopped sales of the T-shirt. USA Today first reported the decision to halt sales.

The fact that it took days to occur and no one at either or the was able or willing to halt the campaign immediately remains the story, though.

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