How about a Kentucky – Louisville NCAA title game in 2014?

Kentucky vs. Louisville

For the state of to become to college basketball what Alabama now is to college football, a daunting standard must be met.  Back-to-back men’s basketball championships by teams from the commonwealth – the University of Kentucky in 2012; in 2013 – barely even gets our state into the conversation with Alabama. After all, teams from the Yellowhammer State (the University of Alabama three, Auburn one) have won the past four college BCS national titles.

Four straight men’s basketball championships for teams from might be a bit much to ask, given the inherent uncertainties of a sport whose champions are picked in a one-and-done, 68-team tournament.

Still, there might be another way for our state to trump what Alabama has done in football.

How about a third straight NCAA men’s hoops title for a team from in 2014 – coming after an all-Kentucky matchup, vs. U of L, in the national title game?

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