DeMarcus Cousins on the other end of the NBA’s Flop of the Year

From  “(Chris) Paul, who was one of the biggest names singled out in the ’s official introducing its anti-flopping policy, takes home the Flop of the Year with this masterpiece. What sets this apart is the sheer cunning. Paul wisely picks out Cousins, a noted hothead and valuable player, as his target. What better person to flop against than the NBA referees’ least-favorite player? Paul then initiates the contact by lightly touching Cousins before flailing and screaming in a jumping motion that carries him roughly five feet backward. Cousins responds with a classic “get off me” dismissal as play continues. This is the best of the best (or the worst of the worst): thought-out, proactive, ridiculous, funny, shameless and shameful. A worthy winner in every respect.”

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Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins Flop
Chris Paul and Flop