Dick Vitale: Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals will battle to keep title in state in 2014

Dick Vitale with Walter Cornett of WildcatWorld.com
with Walter Cornett of WildcatWorld.com

From Dickie V:  “The good times will continue to roll in the Bluegrass State.  I believe we will see a trifecta — three years in a row, a team from the state will walk away with a national championship.  Two years ago, it was and diaper dandies and cutting down the nets in New Orleans. Then it was a gutty, tenacious winning it all in Atlanta, beating a solid team. There will be lots of jubilation for the of both and Louisville ahead. They are going to be special. Both teams are loaded, though they are being built differently.

The Wildcats have great depth thanks to an outstanding class. I honestly believe that Kentucky’s second team would be good enough to be ranked in the top 20 by themselves! I know there were plenty of detractors looking at last year’s squad.”

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