Calendar moves forward for Midnight Madness

2011 Big Blue Madness - photo by Walter Cornett |
2011 Big Blue Madness – photo by Walter Cornett |

Before you get to excited about this, is already on record as saying he won’t change UK’s Madness date.  From the NCAA:  “Men’s basketball teams will be allowed to begin their first practice – celebrated at many schools with events – up to two weeks earlier than in the past, starting this fall. The proposal was finalized at the close of the Division I Board of Directors meeting Thursday.

Last month, the Legislative Council amended and approved the long-tabled measure that will allow men’s basketball teams to conduct 30 days of practice in the six weeks before their first regular-season game. In the past, practice began roughly four weeks before the regular season.

A separate proposal that eliminated the requirement that the first practice begin no earlier than 5 p.m. on the first allowable day was also adopted.

The rule change brings the men’s basketball practice start date closer to that of the women’s teams. Women’s basketball teams begin no earlier than 40 days before the first regular-season game, with a limit of 30 days of practice.”

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