John Calipari supported Archie Goodwin after being informed of guard’s NBA decision

Archie Goodwin - photo by Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics
Archie Goodwin – photo by Britney McIntosh | Athletics

won’t be a part of next year’s loaded, national title-favorite team.  Instead, he’s heading into murky draft waters, where evaluations of him range from mid-first round possibility to second-rounder.

said that he gave Goodwin the information he knew when the two sat down to discuss the guard’s future. When Goodwin said he was entering the draft, Calipari threw his support behind the decision.

But Calipari knows that Goodwin’s draft stock is unsettled. He noted, however, that a team picking Goodwin would be getting an 18-year-old, one year removed from high school, a raw but talented player who has room to grow.

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