John Calipari is trying to get Eddie Sutton back to Kentucky

Eddie Sutton

The Rotary Club of Tulsa was successful in luring to Tulsa. The basketball coach will be the keynote speaker at the Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards on Monday at the Renaissance Hotel.

But will Calipari be successful in luring back to Kentucky?

Sutton, a retired coach who resides in Tulsa, is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. His body of work includes shepherding four programs – Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky, State – to Tournaments.

Sutton is a beloved figure here, but parades are not staged for him in Kentucky, where he posted a four-season record of 90-40. He resigned under pressure in 1989 after a 13-19 season and amid allegations of wrongdoing, although he was not cited in any charges.

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