Shaq to mentor DeMarcus Cousins, make him the best big man in the game

DeMarcus Cousins - photo by Steve Yeater | AP
DeMarcus Cousins – photo by Steve Yeater | AP

From Bryan Rose of  “For those of you who remember the epic battles between the and in the early 2000′s, this will probably make you take a double take. I know it certainly caused me to.

However, double take or not it appears that Shaquille O’Neal, the same who said the Kings couldn’t beat the Lakers without cheating, the same Shaq who attempted to rename Sacramento “Shaqramento” and the same Shaq who called the Kings the “Queens” wants to help his former rival return to glory.

What’s his plan? To mentor big man, DeMarcus Cousins.

Blessed with elite talent but questionable execution, the former Wildcat has shown flashes of All-Star promise but has failed to do so for extended periods. Seeing a lot of himself in the young Cousins, met with the new ownership group and said he’s going to make the best big man in the league.”

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