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For Nerlens Noel, it’s time to make a little bit of history

Nerlens Noel may be sporting a brace on his knee, and his situation is rare in NBA Draft history, but the finish line lies ahead .

Nerlens Noel - photo by Tammie Brown |

– photo by Tammie Brown |

From :  “The knee is pristine. That's right, pristine. Pure. Uncorrupted. Still perfect. You may find that hard to believe, given the fact that on February 12, at Florida, center Nerlens Noel shredded his ACL while trying to block a fastbreak layup attempt by the Gators' Mike Rosario. But, aside from the fact that a former chunk of Noel's patellar tendon is now playing the role of the ruptured tissue, everything looks good. The cartilage is intact. There is no bone bruise. The other stabilizing  ligaments—posterior and medial collateral—are just fine, thank you. OK, so a little bit of the meniscus had to be repaired, but that's fine, too.

“He's really lucky,” says Kevin Wilk, who is directing Noel's rehab.

That's a funny way to describe things, especially for those who have seen the video of Noel's injury. His left knee crumpled as he landed after dashing Rosario's 2-point hopes. As he writhed on the floor, his screams of pain could be heard by TV viewers and cringing on-lookers, who didn't expect their night out to include witnessing a gruesome injury.”

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