Jarrod Polson changed by service trip to Ethiopia

Last week, eight Wildcats, including Jarrod Polson, took part in a service trip in Ethiopia. The student-athletes took turns blogging about their experience, which you can find at UKathletics.com/blog, but check out Polson’s final post on the trip to Africa.

The last day of the trip may have been the most moving of them all. We were able to visit an organization called Youth Impact that was located about 15 minutes from our guest house. When we got there, we were greeted by Abraham (who was educated in the United States, but decided to come back to help the Ethiopian people instead of getting a very lucrative job in America), the visionary leader of the affiliation. He and his wife had the idea about 20 years ago to teach uneducated men and women different skills that would help them get back on their feet and provide for their families. In essence, instead of handing out the fish, teach the people how to fish so they can sustain themselves.

We toured around and saw people basket-weaving, working the cash register and even making scarves and blankets (which is a very complicated and tiring process). The items were so well-made and intricate that a lot of us decided to buy some souvenirs to take home from the different shops.

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