Blocking is Marcus Lee’s favorite part of both basketball and volleyball

Marcus Lee

A ball in one hand and his eyes locked in front of him, toes the line, spins the ball and lets out a deep breath. With the lights of Memorial Coliseum shining down upon his 6-foot-10 frame, Lee takes one final glance at his target, lifts the ball and … serves it?

loves volleyball. He’s been obsessed with the sport ever since he and a couple friends started playing it in P.E. class in seventh grade.

From there, they formed an intramural team, started playing other middle schools, and eventually they moved on to Deer Valley High School (Antioch, Calif.) where they won a sectional championship and finished second in California’s state playoffs.

While Lee eventually turned into one of the best volleyball players in California, what drew him to the game, at least initially, was the challenge of it.

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