Did Detroit Pistons sign Josh Harrellson?

Josh Harrellson - photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com
– photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com

From Detroitbadboys.com:  “The  may or may not have found the final member of their roster — Josh Harrellson.

At this point it’s only well-informed speculation as DBBer mike223 noted in comments, Harrellson’s cousin, Mackenzie Nelson (@mackenzien22), tweeted a congratulations on Harrellson signing a deal with the Detroit Pistons.

I would link to the tweet but it appears she has deleted it. I can confirm that the tweet existed as I read it for myself earlier today but didn’t take a screen cap. It read ” Congrats to my cousin @BigJorts55 for signing with the Detroit pistons.”

There is no indication on whether she deleted it because she was incorrect or if she deleted it because the information, for whatever reason, can’t be made public yet.”

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