John Calipari says Kentucky looks like Kentucky again

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett |
John Calipari – photo by Walter Cornett |

In September, sat down with a select group of media members to talk about his 2013-14 team.  This is part of that interview:

“But I even think James (Young) and Alex having to go (against each other), because I think Alex looks around and says, ‘Maybe, let me play the three some. Don’t have to play this one (Randle). Let me go against this guy.’ So I think that’s going to be there. But we can play big, we can play small. It’s back to where we were. You have – like I’m watching right now, we’re doing drills, and they’re just playing through bumps, naturally getting to the rim, and they’re banging each other. It’s like, I went home and I was just singing to myself – ‘We’re back!’ – ready to start talking crap again. ‘Here we go.’ And then what popped in my mind? ‘Oh, my gosh, these guys are all going to leave. Where’s my phone?’ Now I’m calling ’14 (recruits). I made two calls before I got home. You know I don’t live that far from here. So, it’s the life we chose, I guess you could say.”

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