Kentucky Wildcats out to make chemistry concerns disappear

Kentucky Wildcats - photo by Chet White |
Wildcats – photo by Chet White |

Three seasons into his tenure at Kentucky, had become accustomed to having a certain kind of team. Each year he tweaked his style to fit his personnel, but Calipari’s teams shared a few defining characteristics, even dating back to his final seasons at Memphis.

They were competitive. They embraced the importance of defense. Players sacrificed for their teammates and were aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

During the 2012-13 season, Coach Cal noticed quickly that the Wildcats weren’t all there in those areas. The result was a disappointing campaign that ended in the NIT.

It hasn’t taken long, however, for Calipari to figure out 2013-14 will be different. Running his team through an August workout, he had an unmistakable feeling of deja vu.

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