Eric Bledsoe impresses with passing ability on first day of training camp

Eric Bledsoe

came to Phoenix with equal parts high praise and potential. Suns Head Coach Jeff Hornacek knew some of the things the former Clipper could do. He could play defense, run the floor, drive hard to the rim. He just wasn’t sure about his passing skills.

The key word there is “wasn’t.” After offseason workouts and one day of training camp, Bledsoe has already put those wonderings to rest.

“I think he’s just playing the right way,” Hornacek said. “That’s the biggest key, when he’s got the shot there, he takes it. When he’s got the drive, he had two great drives today in the scrimmage. Then he’s making passes to guys. I think that’s what’s impressed me most about him. Coming here, I wasn’t sure about his passing ability and what he saw as a point guard. Right away, the week right before we came up here in those pickup games, you’d think, ‘yeah, okay. He sees the floor well.’ He’s making those passes.”

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