Cats adjusting to new ‘fail fast’ directive from John Calipari

Julius Randle - photo by Walter Cornett |
Julius Randle – photo by Walter Cornett |

and have played a combined seven seasons at Kentucky, so they’ve gotten to know well.

They’ve watched him mold young teams. They’ve heard “play fast, think slow” more times than they can count. They know what mistakes will throw Coach Cal into fits of rage. But perhaps more than anything else, the two seniors have come to realize that Calipari is constantly searching for new ways to motivate and teach, even though he’s more than two decades into his head-coaching career.

That’s why neither was surprised as Coach Cal has trotted out a new catchphrase early in preseason practices: Fail fast.

“That’s something that I’ve never heard him say,” Hood said.

“He always has new stuff every year,” Polson said.

So, what does the latest Calipari-ism mean? Let the man himself fill you in.

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