Julius Randle could be a dominant college player simply by setting up in the low post on every trip

Julius Randle - photo by Tammie Brown | WildcatWorld.com
– photo by Tammie Brown | WildcatWorld.com

From of the Sporting News:  “Watching 6-9 Julius Randle muscle his way into lefthanded jump-hooks throughout the afternoon, even when he was rolling into his left shoulder—I swear I saw this happen at least once—it was impossible not to recall the adventures of Michael Beasley in his one year at Kansas State.

We’re talking about his adventures, not his misadventures.

Randle will not be high-maintenance for in the way Beasley was for K-State, not in the least, but Randle very well could be the same sort of highly productive freshman star. Beasley averaged 26.2 points and became a first-team All-American. Randle probably won’t match that number because of the variety of weapons surrounding him, but if it were the best way for UK to win games he certainly would be capable.

Much like Beasley, Randle flashes a full package of basketball skills in a powerful, 250-pound frame: a nose for rebounds, a 3-point touch. Randle, though, is a more instinctive and willing passer.

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