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Where in the world is Tayshaun Prince?

Tayshaun Prince has mysteriously disappeared according to one Memphis Grizzlies blog.

Tayshaun Prince - photo by Spruce Derden | USA TODAY Sports

– photo by Spruce Derden | USA TODAY Sports

Tayshaun Prince entered the training camp as the incumbent starting small forward. There has been plenty of offseason discussion about whether Quincy Pondexter could play his way into that spot, sending Tayshaun to the bench. There has been discussion about Mike Miller's health and whether, if healthy enough, Miller should be starting at the three.

So, we were anticipating a battle in training camp. A battle that may play out in preseason games that could determine the opening game starting five. Maybe. It could be that these things would be decided in camp or in practice, behind closed doors, and that veterans would get their rest and be given the opportunity to ease into the season. There was intrigue, or at least interest, in seeing this play out.

Then this: the mysterious disappearance of Tayshaun. Fan forums and discussion boards have been buzzing with rumors. These rumors  range from; Tayshaun being on the shelf pending a trade, to Tayshaun having been abducted by aliens. Maybe I should change this headline to: “Where in the Universe Is Tayshaun Prince?”

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