Looking back on the Kentucky Blue/White scrimmages past, and forward to tonight

Nerlens Noel - photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com
Nerlens Noel – photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com

From Glenn Logan of ASeaofBlue.com:  “Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, tonight is the first official “competition” we will see for the 2013-14 iteration of the Wildcats men’s basketball team. This is an exciting time in the Bluegrass, and this will be an exciting night.

I love Big Blue Madness. It is and full of rah-rah, all that home-team bric-a-brac we all love about college sports. But is just a big production, aimed mainly at a kind of entertainment with basketball, not really so much about basketball itself. The Blue-White scrimmage is more of the latter and less of the former, although it still has little to do with the real world.

Last year’s Blue-White scrimmage was where we got an inkling of how good could be, and where we saw the harbingers that, if we had properly examined them in context, might have given us the idea that last year’s team just wasn’t going to be quite cricket in the sense of a championship-caliber team. Let’s look back at a few of the significant observations from last season’s Blue-White game postmortem and how they turned out.”

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