The only difficult thing about the Harrison twins? Guarding them

Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison - photos by Tammie Brown |
and Andrew Harrison – photos by Tammie Brown |

Andrew Harrison, of the Harrison twins, smiles. He sees the question develop before the words even are formed, the way he might read every possibility in a 3-on-2 fast break and choose the proper pass before the defense can react. He recognizes what is coming.

Some prominent analysts have suggested Andrew and his twin brother Aaron might be difficult teammates. Yep, heard that one before.

There were suggestions elite power forward Julius Randle, whose on-court rivalry with the brothers stretched back to grade school, would not consent to join them. It was prevalent enough that a year ago, shortly after the Harrisons committed to but months before he would decide to join them, Randle felt compelled to write a blog for USA Today that debunked that theory.

Randle called the whole commotion “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.” And later on, he signed with Kentucky. So maybe it is.

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