Archie Goodwin has attached himself to Eric Bledsoe

Archie Goodwin - photo by Sam Forencich | NBAE via Getty Images
– photo by Sam Forencich | NBAE via Getty Images

Archie Goodwin is the second-youngest player in the , but from the moment he was drafted 29th overall by the in April, he’s handled himself as a longtime vet.

The rookie shooting guard from Kentucky impressed throughout training camp and the preseason, partly due to his play, but also on his approach to learning the game and adjusting to his career as a professional basketball player.

“For guys in the NBA, experience really helps,” Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said. “They know all the little tricks, when to push off. They know all the reads. Archie’s a young kid, he’s come in and what’s impressed us is he’s trying to learn all those things.”

Goodwin, who turned 19 in August, said his time at Kentucky with coach , known for grooming NBA prospects, was helpful with his transition to the NBA.

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