Is Alex Poythress a clone of Darius Miller?

Alex Poythress - photo by Tammie Brown |
Alex Poythress – photo by Tammie Brown |

From  “Everyone knew Miller had the talent, but he just didn’t have that “killer” instinct. Everyone has expected Poythress to be the next Michael Kidd-Gilchrest and have expressed disappointment that Alex doesn’t have that “killer” instinct. We all witnessed both players go into “beast” mode from time to time, but that has occurred nowhere near what our expectations were. We expected more from both.

Last year, Poythress averaged 11.24 points per game (second behind Goodwin’s 14.12). He shot 58.8% from the field and 42.2% beyond the arc. He was second to in rebounding, yet we expected more.

Miller, in his first year (2008-2009), averaged 5.31 points per game, shot 41.25% from the field and 32.73% beyond the arc. He was fourth on the team in rebounds. We all know how Miller’s career at ended. He was the “old man” and a key component on a national championship team. Throughout his career, though, we expected much more from the former Mr. Basketball. In the end, we were quite pleased with Darius Miller.”

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