Tom Izzo’s task is to win with John Calipari’s crumbs

John Calipari - photo by Bo Morris | Kentucky Sports Review
– photo by Bo Morris | Sports Review

From Rick Bozich of  “The Monday Rewind was primed to begin with something that Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari said about his team's pending game against mighty . But it was so outrageous that nobody would believe it any more today than when Calipari said it last week.

If I'm going to deal in outrageous statements, it's better that I deal with fresh outrageous statements. It's time to let State coach balance the message with the flip side of this -MSU game that will be played in Chicago Tuesday night. It is the opener in the Champions Classic. - will follow.

Cal says this matchup is unfair to Kentucky because of the youth of his team, Tom. Are you bringing an extra box of Kleenex to the United Center?

“Cal's lucky,” Izzo said. “I've got to go back and look at high school film. Everybody says, ‘Have you studied Kentucky?' What the hell are you going to study? I've got to go back and look at high school film and then they run different things than he's going to run.

“So he's got a big advantage. You can tell him I said that.”

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