John Calipari hoping energizing Dominique Hawkins, Marcus Lee will rub off on teammates

Marcus Lee - photo by Bo Morris | Kentucky Sports Review
Marcus Lee – photo by Bo Morris | Sports Review

The most amplified teaching point out of ’s mouth this year has been enthusiasm, energy and effort.

Calipari wants to see enthusiasm in the form of cheering and waving towels if you’re on the bench, energy while playing on both ends of the court, and the effort to never give up in the middle of a play, to consistently run hard and to never let a bad play affect the next.

If there are two players who have been a cut above the rest in terms of the consistent energetic, high-effort approach Coach Cal is seeking from his team this season, it’s reserves and Marcus Lee.

After saying just a week ago that he had to find a way to get Hawkins and Lee in the rotation, he did so in Sunday’s matchup against Robert Morris. Hawkins played a career-high 18 minutes and provided smothering on-ball defense against the Colonials while Lee got his first career start and played 10.

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