Kentucky Wildcats doing age-old drills to form new habits

Aaron Harrison - photo by Tammie Brown | East KY Media
Aaron Harrison – photo by Tammie Brown | East Media

If the who follow and the guys who play for him know anything about his style of coaching, it’s that he always has a new idea.

From using heart monitors to measure effort exertion, to playing dodge ball to lighten the mood, to forcing players to run on the treadmill when they don’t catch the ball with two hands, Coach Cal always has some sort of new approach with his players every few weeks or so.

“You know when he gets on something he’s going to stay on it until he fixes what he’s trying to fix,” sophomore forward said.

His latest approach, however, isn’t so much a new concept; it’s just new for kids at this level. The hope is that it will break old habits and fix the Wildcats’ defensive struggles.

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