Marquis Teague has words of wisdom for Kentucky freshmen

Marquis Teague - photo by Walter Cornett |
Marquis Teague – photo by Walter Cornett |

If freshmen Julius Randle, James Young and all declare for the Draft this spring, it stands to reason all could be taken in or near the lottery and immediately step in and help a team.

When high-end freshmen leave for the NBA, that’s usually the outcome, but one former Wildcats standout freshman can tell a different story.

“It’s a difficult process, especially if you’re a late pick and going to a team that might already be good and you don’t get a chance to play right away,”   told on Wednesday evening before his lost to the Knicks, 83-78, at Madison Square Garden. “You’ve been playing your whole life and then you have to get used to not playing as much or at all. That”s tough to deal with if you’ve been ‘that guy’ your whole life. It’s a huge adjustment.”

Those words of wisdom might end up resonating for some of this year’s freshmen, including  and Dakari Johnson, who are projected as late-first or early-second round picks should they come out in 2014.

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