John Calipari worried that Kentucky could be a little “rusty”

From Tuesday's news conference with :

“Hopefully defensively we just ratchet it up a little bit. Hopefully we're gonna hold the ball less. If you have it you're a passer, if you don't you're a scorer, which means when you do catch the pass, you're in attack mode or shooting mode. You're not holding it for everybody to play you. Hopefully they've learned that and they see the benefit of it. I think the other thing is, the pace. There's a sequence to the game. We go, it's not there, you don't take a bad shot. You don't just throw it to somebody to throw it. There's a sequence to how we play, and they're getting better at it. I think we're getting better in pick-and-roll, both defensively and offensively. But until you get in games—and here we are, we're gonna play a team that plays like Boise. In other words, they're playing at the three-point line. That's what they're doing. You take it out on the side, they're gonna play a 1-3-1, and that's gonna be spread out all over the court. They're gonna fly up and down, run high-low offense or run some backscreens to downscreens. They do some really good stuff and they play good as a team. So it's a challenge for us. And then for us, again, we're just saying, ‘OK, let's see what steps we've taken.' And not playing, we may be rusty. We haven't played for—we've played two games in 19 days. Think about that. And two tough games. I mean, two tough opponents. And so now we have three games in seven days. So we'll see. We'll see. And two of them on the road and two of them in hard venues to win.”

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