Time to panic at Kentucky? No, time to get tough

James Young - photo by Tammie Brown | Kentycky Sports Review
James Young – photo by Tammie Brown | Sports Review

Now seems as good a time as any to panic. The Wildcats lost again. That’s usually enough to cause some commotion in the Commonwealth.

And they lost badly to a team one might call “OK” and feel secure in that description. Games like ’s 87-82 defeat at are why it’s precarious to consider margin of victory in evaluating the success of college basketball teams. Did anyone really believe the Wildcats were only five points worse than the Tigers in that game? Even the players appeared not to buy it, because when trailing by 5 points with 15 seconds remaining, they made no concerted effort to commit a purposeful foul and stop the clock.

“We’re at a point right now where that we’ve got guys that have to understand they didn’t come out with the energy of the other team, and this is what happens,” coach said to reporters following the defeat.

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