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With Kentucky needing experience, Jarrod Polson should play more

Jarrod Polson - photo by Walter Cornett |

– photo by Walter Cornett |

From Eric Crawford of  “I'm not going to sit here and argue that Polson is as talented as the other point guards on this team. No way. Not . Not . You'd call me crazy, and you'd be right. Nor is he even, comparably speaking, as talented as Harrellson, who wound up an NBA Draft pick.

But here's what Polson does bring — three years in Calipari's system. Two trips to the Final Four. An NCAA championship ring. And a lifetime spent in the state of , which has brought him a profound knowledge of what the program means to people here, and a profound passion to see it rise to its potential. He has also gone up against in practice, and . You could argue, and I have, that he should've been handed the keys to the team last season. was a failed experiment. Polson, sink or swim, would've been a preferable option.

Regardless, stay with me, now.

This team, loaded as it is with high school All-Americans, isn't in need of more talent.

But it may well be in need of the things that Polson brings. For that matter, a dose of didn't seem to hurt the Wildcats at Mississippi State. Everything I listed about Polson, you can pretty much credit to Hood, too.”

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