With Kentucky needing experience, Jarrod Polson should play more

Jarrod Polson - photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com
Jarrod Polson – photo by Walter Cornett | WildcatWorld.com

From Eric Crawford of WDRB.com:  “I’m not going to sit here and argue that Polson is as talented as the other point guards on this team. No way. Not Andrew Harrison. Not Dominique Hawkins. You’d call me crazy, and you’d be right. Nor is he even, comparably speaking, as talented as Harrellson, who wound up an NBA Draft pick.

But here’s what Polson does bring — three years in Calipari’s system. Two trips to the Final Four. An championship ring. And a lifetime spent in the state of Kentucky, which has brought him a profound knowledge of what the program means to people here, and a profound passion to see it rise to its potential. He has also gone up against in practice, and Marquis Teague. You could argue, and I have, that he should’ve been handed the keys to the team last season. was a failed experiment. Polson, sink or swim, would’ve been a preferable option.

Regardless, stay with me, now.

This team, loaded as it is with high school All-Americans, isn’t in need of more talent.

But it may well be in need of the things that Polson brings. For that matter, a dose of Jon Hood didn’t seem to hurt the Wildcats at Mississippi State. Everything I listed about Polson, you can pretty much credit to Hood, too.”

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