Mystery Kentucky girl in Rupp Arena renovation promo video revealed

Kentucky Woman

On Monday afternoon a Lexington, Ky., based production company, Bullhorn Creative, released a two-minute video, Rupp Arena Renovation. The proposed $310-million project is currently in the crowd-sourcing stage, if you will, hence the film.

Most of the familiar University of basketball icons may be found among the piece’s 100 or so brief cuts: Hall of Fame coaches and as well as current coach John Calipari–a future Hall of Famer, although that  honor, too, may be vacated in the future; former Wildcat players Dan Issel, Kenny “Sky” Walker, Tayshaun Prince and Jamal Mashburn; and longtime play-by-play man Cawood Ledford, “The voice of the Wildcats.”

However, at about the :40 mark, and ever so briefly, an unidentified blonde clad in nothing more than a blue jersey appears. The vision is almost subliminal, as well as sublime, albeit cryptic ( follows almost immediately after, by the way, ostensibly due to his 2011 concert at Rupp.

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