Kentucky Wildcats anxious for rematch with LSU

Julius Randle - photo by Tammie Brown |
Julius Randle – photo by Tammie Brown |

There have been rough patches in the road for this Wildcats basketball team, but one pothole was deeper than the rest.

Some losses have been humbling. Some have sent the Wildcats stumbling.

But no single setback has stung more or looked worse than the one took at last month, an 87-82 loss in Baton Rouge, La., that looked more lopsided than the final score indicated.

“It was a blur,” forward said Friday. “Just the intensity and the fight just wasn’t there. It was embarrassing, but that’s why we get another chance to play.”

There’s no way for the Wildcats to erase the bad taste from last month’s loss to the Tigers, a game that infuriated who saw a lack of effort on the court. But with visiting on Saturday, at least has its chance to cook up something new.

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