Pat Forde rips John Calipari in latest column

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett |
– photo by Walter Cornett |

From :  “As his program crash-landed at rock bottom Saturday at , John Calipari excused himself from the proceedings. He got himself tossed by the officials, and then blew off the press conference after his  Wildcats lost to a team ranked No. 178 in America according to the RPI.

When the going got tough, Cal got out.

It was a nostalgic flashback to December, when Calipari made a four-minute postgame interview appearance after losing to Baylor, then abruptly got up and left when the first question was directed toward one of his players. His freshmen sat there and answered the rest of the queries without him.

Had Calipari shown up to answer questions Saturday after the worst defeat of his Kentucky tenure, instead of sending assistant and two freshmen to the interview room, here are the questions Calipari should have been asked.”

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