The focus for Karl Towns right now is trying to get No. 9 here

Karl Towns

When most kids leave home for a college campus for the first time, they have a number of items on their list of things to bring with them.

There are the necessities: clothes, bed sheets, laundry detergent and hamper. The essentials: TV, laptop, fridge and microwave. And then there are the wants: perhaps a game console, a DVD or Blu-ray player, headphones, or pictures of mom and dad.

Karl Towns’ list looked like most other teenagers when he left Piscataway, N.J., for the rolling hills of Kentucky. It included the bed sheets, the hamper, the TV and the microwave, but there was also an item you wouldn’t find 99 percent of 18-year-old males in possession of that Towns won’t go anywhere without.

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