Patrick Patterson got a much needed boost in confidence from the Raptors

Patrick Patterson - photo by Tammie Brown |
– photo by Tammie Brown |

Arriving in Toronto from the Rudy Gay trade from Sacramento, Patrick Patterson wasn't playing his best. That however seemed to changed as Patterson began to flourish within the Raptors' system.

Only four years in the league, Patterson's numbers with the Kings weren't all that well. In his last year in Houston, Patterson averaged 11.6 points, 4.7 rebounds and shot 51.7% from the field, according to .com. In Sacramento however, his numbers dropped dramatically. He shot 41.0% and only made 6.9 points per game. To top it all off, the Kings weren't winning so that losing culture must've stuck by him.

According to an interview with ProBall Report conducted earlier this summer:

“We have no egos on the team and everyone knows their role,” Patterson said. “Everyone wants to do what it takes to win. There's no problems, we all know what we have to do on the court to get better and it's a beautiful thing when everyone does that.”

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