ESPNU to Kentucky: ‘How awesome are you?’ Apparent answer: Very

Kentucky NBA Combine

The Wildcats hosted a “job fair” Friday in the Joe Craft Center in front of approximately 90 NBA scouts and front-office personnel, practicing, working out, and performing various strength and agility drills in front of their 30 possible future employers.

An event like Friday’s — a nationally televised practice on ESPNU — is something “we’ve never seen before,” college basketball analyst  said. “ has outdone himself.”

The Wildcats went through a series of strength and agility drills in front of NBA personnel on Friday at ’s open practice. (photo by Chet White, UK Athletics)

The hosts were obviously impressed by the event. Seth Greenberg said the practice was “intimidating,” but Avery Johnson was probably the most excited about what Calipari and Co. put on.

“If I had this opportunity when I was in college like Kentucky has, I would have been a first-round pick,” Johnson said.

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