Devin Booker is living up to his shooting reputation

Devin Booker - photo by Walter Cornett |
Devin Booker – photo by Walter Cornett |

is starting a new chapter in his collegiate career at Kentucky. So far it’s had quite the plot twist.

Let’s say the Bahamas trip was the prologue to Booker’s story. What did it tell everyone about him? Some would have suggested then that he was just a freshman and there might have been too much hype surrounding the native.

By the numbers, that’s what it said at least.

Booker averaged just 5.2 points per game during the Big Blue Bahamas tour and shot just 34.4 percent, the lowest mark of the three freshmen who played in the Bahamas ( did not play as he recovered from an offseason procedure).

But that was just the prologue. His story is just getting started.

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