Kentucky takes another step toward ‘world class’ in domination of UCLA

Aaron Harrison - photo by Walter Cornett |
Aaron Harrison – photo by Walter Cornett |

His team mired in a cold streak from outside, asked a rhetorical question about what would do to its opponents if the Wildcats hit their 3s.

Anyone who didn’t know the answer found out Saturday.

The Cats came out firing against UCLA, building a 16-0 lead and hitting two 3s before the second platoon even checked in. Once it did, hit two more 3s in a personal eight-point barrage that gave an insurmountable 24-0 lead.

From there, had to find a new opponent.

“We have to keep playing against (ourselves),” Booker said. “Coach always stresses to us that we’re not playing against the other team, we’re against ourselves.”

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