Chad Ford says Harrison twins would go undrafted if NBA Draft were held today

Aaron and Andrew Harrison - photo by Walter Cornett |
Aaron and Andrew Harrison – photo by Walter Cornett |

How far has the draft stock of the Harrison twins fallen?

’s Chad Ford said Wednesday in a chat that if the NBA Draft were held today, neither guard would be selected:

“After the horrific outing they had in front of scouts against Louisville, it’s going to be tough. You never base things off one game, and scouts aren’t, but that game exposed so many of their flaws. Aaron is a shooter who can’t hit shots. Andrew is a point guard who struggles to protect the ball and make good plays. I think would be much stronger with and starting. I don’t think that will happen. I think John Calipari can get away with playing the twins equal minutes because of weak competition in the SEC. That will keep the twins from becoming discontent. But as far as NBA guys go — virtually all of them believe that Booker and Ulis are better NBA talents. Right now I don’t have either Harrison in my Top 60 which means they’d go undrafted if the draft were held today.”

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